Forlorn Hope “Gargamay” Gamay Garganega 2020

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When life hands you lemons, you make a brand new wine no one has ever heard of and you had no intention of making in the first place. When Forlorn Hope realized there were Garanega growing where more Gamay should have been, they decided to pick the whole lot and ferment it together for a potentially never been done before Gamay/Garanega amalgamation. For those who don't know what Garanega is, welcome to the very large club. It is a white grape from the Veneto region of Northern Italy, mostly known as the primary grape in Soave wines, which can be rich, textural peach-y, and herbaceous, turning toward nutty after some age. 

Winery: Forlorn Hope
Region: California
Varietal(s): Gamay, Garanega