Can de la Calle Mexican Agave Wine

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Can de la Calle is an artisanal agave wine created by renowned tequilera Melly Barajas, the creator of La Gritona Reposado tequila. Melly has been producing agave wine for over twenty years, and this is her first in-house brand. She has spared no expense in the production and is proud to have put all of her expertise into the highest-quality agave wine she has ever crafted. Can de la Calle begins with mature agave that is initially fermented to 7% alcohol. Melly then raises the A.B.V. with her own 100% agave tequila blanco. Agave wine is fantastic mixed as you would your favorite tequila cocktail, but Melly feels that Can de la Calle is the first agave wine on the market that can be truly enjoyed alone or on the rocks.

Winery: Can de la Calle
Region: Jalisco
Alcohol: 24%