Vina Skaramuča Plavac Mali 2019

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Literally meaning “little blue,” the plavac mali grapes are very small with a lot of skin, which ensures the wine has plenty of tannin. With a deep ruby red color and a dark blue glow, this Croatian red is characterized by a combination of sweet notes and dried or even baked fruit, with mild aromas of cherry, vanilla, and coffee, along with a hint of Dalmation grass. This plavac is a bit peppery and has a powerful taste with ripe aromas of cherries and plums. It pairs well with seafood (like crab or fried fish) or grilled dishes, and with meat, game, or cheese.

Winery: Vina Skaramuča
Region: Dalmatia
Varietal(s): Plavac Mali
Alcohol: 13%