Santalba Que Vida Viura

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In many villages across Rioja Alta, the familiar greeting is "Que Vida," embodying the essence of rustic countryside living. In winemaking, "Que Vida" signifies a return to simplicity, featuring wines untouched by aging or elaborate interventions. This approach, known as "Cosecheros," refers to wines meant to be drunk young, often served by the glass in local village bars where "Que Vida" is a common expression. Viura, the indigenous grape, may not be the most aromatic, yet it’s versatility allows for a diverse array of wines. With its robust skin and gentle tannins, Viura endures extended maceration in sealed tanks. Notably, these wines are crafted without the addition of sulfites, preserving their pure, unadulterated character.

Winery: Bodegas Santalba
Region: Rioja
Varietal(s): Viura
Alcohol: 13.5%