Ovum “Big Salt” Orange Rosé Oregon 2019

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This orange rosé is nearly a 50/50 blend of Ramato-style Pinot Gris and a co-fermented, skins-y Riesling. The combination of these production methods leaves a wine that doesn’t look or smell like a rosé, nor is it as funky or extracted as an orange wine. It lives somewhere in between, or beyond. It is peachy in color, no doubt because the Pinot Gris was cranberry red, and the Riesling was yellow, meeting in the middle at orange. Its aromas are earthy—think roasted carrot, ginger, and red apple skin. The palate is bracing and packed with citrus and aloe. It has a shocking amount of grip, but it’s not quite tannic. It oddly finishes with florals you’d expect from the nose, but it’s in the back palate.

Winery: Ovum Wines
Region: Oregon
Varietal(s): Pinot Gris, Riesling