Nomadica Sparkling White

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For their Sparkling White, California-based Nomadica blends chardonnay with a touch of Muscat to evoke lively notes of citrus, hints of nectarine, and a whisper of melon. The profile finishes with a touch of something saline, like the welcome prickle of a saltwater kiss. All of this dances on a backdrop of effervescence — the cool, electric bounce of frizzante crispness. A good wine after a long week when all you need is a beverage that can sweep you away to a tropical paradise. Pair with sushi, ceviche, grilled fish, shishito peppers, Caesar salad, herby vinaigrettes, or caprese.

Winery: Nomadica
Region: California
Varietals: Chardonnay, Muscat
Can size: 250 ml
Alcohol: 13%