Marchesini Chiaretto di Bardolino Rosé

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Marchesini Chiaretto Rosé is a young, versatile, and dynamic wine. It’s perfect as an aperitif on a summer evening, for a light lunch, or with a pizza with friends. It seems light but, in reality, it is full bodied and lingering: don’t underestimate it. On the nose and palate, you’ll detect the scent of small forest strawberries and peach blossoms. It is a sapid wine that keeps a “clean and fresh” taste in the mouth. This is the reason why it also goes so well with “fatty” foods such as cold cuts, fried vegetables, or any type of burger.

Winery: Marchesini Family
Region: Verona
Varietal(s): Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara