Konpira Maru Voltron Red 2021

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What do you call a super wine made from five varieties from five different vineyards? A wine that lets each individual variety and site shine independently but harmoniously combine to create something beautiful and unique at the same time. You name it after the super robot piloted by five space explorers. This Australian red is wildly redolent of sour cherries, roses, and baking spices. For such a complex blend of red and white grapes, this wine remains friendly and inviting. Strawberries dominate on the palate, with a cooling menthol sensation in the back of the throat. Serve it chilled for maximum enjoyment.

Producer: Konpira Maru
Region: Victoria
Varietal(s): Shiraz, Dolcetto, Barbera, Gewürztraminer, Sangiovese
Alcohol: 12.6%