Estreia Vinho Verde Rosé

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A cooperative winery founded in the 1960s, Estreia by Ponte de Barca is committed to supporting local vineyards and producing wines that showcase the unique terroir of the Lima and Vez river valleys in Northwest Portugal. With more than 50 years of winemaking experience, the winery produces clean and expressive wines that reflect the typical characteristics of their terroir. This Vinho Verde Rosé is lively and bright with aromas and flavors of strawberries, cherries, and mild spices. This spritzy and semi-sweet wine pairs nicely with chicken, bold seafood dishes, and Indian and Thai cuisines.

Winery: Estreia by Ponte de Barca
Region: Minho
Varietals: Vinhão, Espadeiro, Borraçal
Size: 250 mL