Eins Zwei Zero Chardonnay

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Known for being one of the finest wine producers in the country, Weinguit Eins Leitz has made it his life’s work to bring the magic of Germany’s vineyards to the rest of the world. The Eins Zwei Zero Chardonnay hails from the Pfalz region of Germany, where a relatively warm, dry climate makes for rich, full-bodied wines. Chardonnay grapes are grown, harvested, and fermented before undergoing delicate vacuum distillation to remove alcohol and preserve classic wine-like characteristics. A golden hue accompanies a dry palate with fresh fruit and clean citrus at the forefront. Expect a pleasantly long aftertaste.

Producer: Leitz
Region: Palatinate (Pfalz)
Varietal: Chardonnay
Bottle Size: 750 mL