Rival Bros. Coffee Colombia Women of ASMUCAFE

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ASMUCAFE stands for Asociación de Mujeres Agropecuarias de Uribe, an organization of women farmers and landowners in El Tambo. The association improves quality of life for their families and contributes positively to their community by collaboratively pooling resources, knowledge, and lending a hand as needed. For this blend, the main varietals are Castillo or Colombia, and are picked when purple (Castillo) or bright red (Colombia). It undergoes a somewhat unusual "double" fermentation process, as the women describe it: initially the cherries are held in the loading hoppers for 14 hours, then depulped in the afternoons and evening hours. Once they’re held in fermentation tanks for 10 hours, they are again washed three to four times before being either sundried for eight to 12 days or placed in parabolic dryers.

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