Zajc Cviček Red Blend 2021

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Zajc Cviček is a unique and famous Slovenian wine, made from red and white vine varieties which are grown in a specifically determined area in the Dolenjska region. It is characterized by its ruby-red color with a light shade of purple. The pleasant flavor of berries and small fruits of the forest goes well with its extremely low level of alcohol and small content of sugar, which makes Zajc Cviček especially refreshing and suitable for diabetics. Its fruity bouquet and fresh pleasant fruit energy go well with typical Slovenian dishes.

Winery: Zajc
Region: Dolenjska
Varietal(s): Žametna Črnina, Blaufränkisch, Kraljevina, Welschriesling, Rumeni Plavec
Alcohol: 8.5%