Vinoos Artisanal Merlot Soap

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"Makes you feel like you’re sleeping outside in the summertime." 

Fresh mint, fig leave, tannins, and subtle early tobacco notes add in this very delightful Merlot soap bar. It is a refreshing, energizing, and masculine blend, that is loved by all. It smells amazing and will envelope you in a steamy scent of (starry) heaven, just like you were sleeping on a blanket in the backyard, under the stars. Enjoying all of the scents and sounds that the night will reveal. 

To 100% vegetable base, Vinoos adds raw materials of the highest quality, vegetable oils of organic origin, clays, mountain honey, algae and plants selected for their beneficial properties. Wine Soaps from Vinoos are handcrafted by a master soap maker, with the greatest respect for ancestral know-how.