Astobiza Vermouth

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This vermouth starts with Astobiza Txakoli as the base wine and is blended with a proprietary blend of botanicals that were collected form the vineyards, as well as citrus fruits from the region in order to reflect the aroma and terroir of the Ayala Valley. It’s then fortified with Astobiza Gin, and instead of sugar to soften the palate, the finishing touch is fresh grape must from the hondarrabi zuri vines. Floral and citric and very complex in the nose, the palate is soft and remarkably tasty and easy to drink, full of vibrant acidity, lemon, grapefruit, and pleasantly bitter herbs.

Producer: Astobiza
Region: Basque Country
Varietal(s): Hondarrabi Zuri
Alcohol: 15.5%